Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Perfect Day/Perfect Game

Not bad seats for a first game.

Standing on his feet and cheering.

Gatorade bath for Phil Humber.

After the game.  What a great day.
This past weekend I took my son to his first major league baseball game.  What an amazing day.  It's something I've been thinking about since I found out we were having a boy and I can remember the first game my dad ever took me to.  I was 5 but Bode is 9.5 months.  He won't remember a thing but we have lots of pictures to commemorate the event.  My wife actually ordered a Shutterfly album to give to some of our family who would have loved to be there.  I was so excited I could barely sleep the night before.  We had great seats.  My wife and I were planning what he would wear and fortunately we have many Chicago sports clothes depending on what's in season from all of our friends and family back home.  The weather was perfect, we never know what we will get here in Seattle in late April.  What I couldn't plan for was Phil Humber's perfect game for the Chicago White Sox.  Who knew going to the stadium that day with all the thoughts on my mind we would witness baseball history.  A day I will never forget.

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