Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Decision to Stay Home

When it came down to it we decided I should stay home because my wife travels so much.  We found out a week before she was to return from maternity leave that her job was changing and it would require extensive travel.  Sometimes they would be quick day trips to and from California but more often than not Mon-Fri in NYC.  Since my schedule required early mornings and late evenings that didn't go with our day care schedule, it made sense for me to quit work.  We don't have family here so any time we have to have somebody watch Boden we are paying.  Plus Jenn did not want Boden in day care anyway for his first few months and there is a certain comfort she has knowing I am with him all day as opposed to wondering how it's going at day care.  We actually went for our orientation at the day care but decided it was going to be too crazy to try and manage.  So far it's worked out well with her schedule and me being home...with the exception of when she becomes resentful that she is working and I am home with Bode.

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