Tuesday, April 24, 2012

No Money

One of the harshest realities about being a stay at home dad is that I am not earning a paycheck.  Honestly, it hasn't bothered me too much because other than work and Boden our lives haven't changed that much.  Until we purchased our new house.

We recently purchased a new home and we decided to move and were under contract on a new place in ten days.  It also happened to be during a time when my wife was in NYC for two straight weeks followed by a few days in Salt Lake City.  So other than a few mortgage documents I had power of attorney and signed just about everything.  Going through the process I am not sure why my name was even on the house.  I HAVE NO INDIVIDUAL INCOME!  For once in our lives a major creditor could care less about what I do.  Though I have a W2 from the previous year it wasn't even needed.  It's hard to describe how it made me feel.  A little nervous, a little scared.  But it definitely felt like a reality check.

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