Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I'm Back

So if you know anything about me the last few months have been the most entertaining of my life.  Bode became national news as the only known person to witness two perfect baseball games in the first two times he's ever gone to a game.  What a time not to be blogging huh?  So as we come back to reality lately I have been thinking about the future and decided to start blogging again.  I've been home with Bode for over a year now and in the next few years I see several possibilities as things stand now.  1)  We have another child.  Jenn and I are serious about this and if it's going to happen it will happen soon.  This, however, would probably mean that I will be staying home for a few more years.  2)  Back to work.  I don't think I'll go back to managing restaurants again but you never know.  One of the main reasons I decided to stay home was because of the goofy hours you work in restaurants.  You see a lot of places say you don't have to work the late nights because they are only open until 9pm but you're still there until 11.  Daycare and a babysitter probably wouldn't be in our budget so hopefully I could find something for a non-profit or something.  Work easier hours but maybe do something that seems more meaningful.  Really impact some people's lives.  3)  Start my own business.  I have a couple ideas about what I could do but to truly have something unique is incredibly hard.  The idea of getting my own business together seems like a daunting, scary task.  Do I really have the guts and drive to do it?  Jenn and I have played it safe most of our lives so who knows how she would feel about it.  She would have to have tons of faith in me to get it done.  I guess more importantly, do I have faith in myself.

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